3 Key Tips to Making More Money

In 2015, I started my entrepreneur journey… and what a ride! Here are 3 Key Tips to help your brand make more money.


I can’t stress this enough. High quality and appealing photos will be one the BEST investments and will make you more money.

  1. Consider wholesale from the start.

Wholesale is an amazing way to move lots of product and make huge sales in one fell swoop. Companies like Faire Marketplace are a great place to start. If you make wholesale discounts part of your pricing model from the start – not only will your margins be amazing, your ability to partner with retailers will simply be a part of your DNA.

  1. Invest in a Shopify website.

Other platforms like Wix and Wordpress are no match to Shopify. I’ve worked with them all and believe me when I say no other platform has the ease, integrations and service like Shopify. From there start, there are thousands of options and integrations that help take your site from just another website to a marketing money-maker.


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